High Ticket
Sales Closers.

The go-to solution when companies need to SCALE their sales to multiple 7-figures and beyond

If You Struggle With...
Finding The Best Closers.

High Ticket Solution offers a comprehensive, commission-based sales solution tailored to scale high-ticket businesses to seven-figure revenues and beyond. We handle every aspect of the sales process, from recruitment and onboarding to training and managing experienced sales closers, allowing business owners to focus on growth.

Our proven system ensures a consistent lead flow and high conversion rates, with detailed real-time reporting and no upfront costs. By outsourcing sales to High Ticket Solution, businesses benefit from a dedicated, uninterrupted sales force that aims to triple sales revenue within 90 days, ensuring scalability without friction.

Trust us to take care of the heavy lifting and we'll ensure that your business reaches sales levels you didn't know were possible.

Why Leverage a Professional High Ticket Sales Agency?

Boost your business growth with a sales agency.
Let our industry experts nurture, call and close your deals and achieve your sales targets confidently.

We will provide everything for you, handle all your High ticket sales calls and follow up with leads in an experienced, professional and timely manner. Significantly scale your High ticket sales revenue by enrolling more new clients.
Enable you to free up your time from sales calls so you can spend more time working on your business rather than in your business. To maximize your High ticket sales ROI, our appointment setters will call all No shows to get them back on our calendars. Realtime detailed reporting on your High ticket sales call stats. No retainers- All our closers are commission only closers. Therefore, you only pay for results.
This is simply a data driven model, where as our closers begin closing more deals, you will want to generate more leads for them to close, we provide more closers when the need arises hence your business can grow exponentially without friction

Ready for your high ticket solution sales team?

We are ready to SCALE your company, let's see if we're a fit.

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Who We Work With...


Who We Work With...

We only work with High ticket coaches, consultants, product/service providers who are looking for remote closers for hire, to scale their business to 7-figures annually that offer an exceptional end result to their customers.This is what we require:

  • - Your offering MUST be priced at $2,500 or more
  • - You must have proof/traction of sales already (we don't work with offers in the test phase)
  • - You must have a consistent lead source currently and the willingness/budget to scale your lead flow
  • - You have an ethical service and provide results for your clients/students
  • - You have the capacity to take on many more clients when we start
Hire sales team

Our Success Model

Consistent Lead Flow

Never let your pipeline dry up again. You'll get access to the system that our team has used to scale over 20 Companies to 8 Figures.

Consistent Sales

Turning leads into clients will never be a challenge again. Our proven sales system will make selling leads effortless and seamless. Our process is designed to get the lead hooked on your offer before they ever speak with the sales team.

Scale Effortlessly (90-Days)

Nothing will get in your way of scaling your business. Are you at 5-Figures and want to get to 6? or maybe at 6-Figures and want to get to 7? How about 7-Figures to 8? You'll be in full control with how far you take your business.

Our Experts.

Meet The Founder.

I've been in the high ticket space for over 32 years. I'm responsible for selling over $117M of products and services. Over the years, I've been fortunate to speak on stages internationally on sales success, income growth and strategic build outs.
Now I specialize in helping companies to grow to 7-figure monthly revenue and beyond.

I've watched "sales trainers" sell Sales Placement for a fortune, taking advantage of business owners. They take mediocre recycled salespeople from FB groups and charge $7k+ for it. That's why I created High Ticket Solution. So I can actually help more businesses get connected with sales teams that I personally train and manage where you don't have to pay a $10,000 set up fee to get an inexperienced closer.

When you work with our team, you pay only when our closers close a sale for you, all while having an unlimited supply of closers and setters along with my 9-figure frameworks, follows-ups, AI and systems to help you 3x your sales in 90-days.

Samuel Levitz

32-Year High Ticket Industry
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Sold over 9-figures, all high ticket, that's all I've ever done.

Client Feedback

Our Clients Feedback.

Let's make YOU our next success story


I thought I was being smart by hiring my own closing team. We wasted 9 long months of training and babysiting and the best close rate they achieved was 18%. Now with Samuel's team we are regularly seeing 32% close rate month after month and we have been able to scale faster than we envisioned. Very grateful.

Brendon A.

- President, Financial Breakthrough

I knew I needed to figure out how to scale my sales, I just didn't know how until I was introduced to Samuel and High Ticket Solution. If you have the same struggles I did, just let them sell for you, you'll thank me later.

Racquel S.

Course Creator
New York

We thought we needed to hire internally and oversee every aspect of our sales department. When we finally brought in Samuel and his team, our sales tripled in under 4 months.

Henry, Steven, Leslie

Business Brokers Intl.

When my SaaS company needed to expand our sales department, I was referred to you by friend and all I can say is I wish we found you sooner!

Lisa H.

Saas Founder

For me, it was a no-brainer. Allow Samuel and his team to come in, streamline my sales, handle all calls, and get paid on commission only? There was NOTHING to think about. Already did 3x our annual revenue in the first 7 months. THANK YOU.

Charles D.

Already 3x my annual revenue

We thought we would use only ONE (1) closer from Hight Ticket Solution, but boy was I wrong....4 months after starting we have 4 new sales closers on the team, and sales have grown by 133%.


- Real Estate Brokerage Leads

Ready for your high ticket solution?

We are ready to SCALE your company, let's see if we're a fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may have about working with High Ticket Solution and our team of industry experts all working together towards the same goal...

Scale your business beyond your imagination

Yes absolutely! The time and effort it takes to find, hire and coach just one new High ticket sales closer represents a monetary cost to you, as your time could have been spent on other areas of your business. Additionally, new recruits typically burn through precious leads during their training phase – which again has a cost to your business.

Moreover, if members of your sales teams leave, you have to go through the stress of finding, recruiting and training new staff all over again. Also, if your High ticket sales team grows, you’ll have to hire a sales manager or manage everyone yourself. Again, this represents a cost to your time and ultimately company profits.

And if you’re doing all the sales yourself, again there’s an opportunity cost to your time; you aren’t able to spend time working on your business to grow it as you’re bogged down with the operational side of it.

In contrast, by outsourcing your sales to a professional High ticket sales team with a proven track record, you can be confident of an increase in sales revenue – leaving you with the time and financial freedom to spend on growing other areas of your business.

So, you get a consistent service without interruptions from staff absences which keeps the money coming in. We provide you with a High ticket sales team that is never sick, never goes on vacation and is always ready to take your calls!
We are your complete ‘done for you’ high ticket sales team! From the moment you hire us, we take care of every element of your entire sales process, including:

Comprehensive onboarding – we audit your current High-ticket sales funnel and learn everything about your program and your offer

Our expertly trained High ticket closers take your discovery calls using our proven Inverse Selling System™ to close more sales

We actively follow up with all your leads in a timely and professional manner

We rigorously train our High ticket sales closers to proudly represent your brand and become like an extension of your own team

We closely track performance and tweak the sales process if necessary to obtain the best results possible for you

We provide real-time feedback and detailed reporting on your sales campaign so you can check vital metrics like the number of calls booked, the conversion rate, the number of no-shows and other important information.

When you hire us, you get the benefits of having a whole High-ticket sales team at your disposal, 24/7. This means you can offer your prospects the freedom of choosing consultations at a time that suits them.
Yep, this is a completely managed DFY service. You get to focus on growing your business while we focus on closing deals and managing the entire sales systems for you.
Yes, part of our process and with our experience of helping grow many companies to 6/7 figure months, we have a great understanding of what a good offer looks like. We can help consult on that so that we know going in that we have the best possible chance of scaling it.
Part of the advantage of hiring a sales team is that everything in the sales department is handled by us. You no longer have to stress out about placed-closers not performing and scrambling to hire someone else just to fill the hole.

We hire experienced sales managers and sales directors to manage your account, ensuring the salespeople are closing within KPI. If a salesperson isn't hitting KPI within a few weeks, we remove them and hire someone in their place.

Additionally, your director and manager will be constantly reviewing calls and coaching the team on different ways to improve along with tweaking scripts to generate better conversations.